• "...the incredible effort you and your talented staff put forth in the chair for His Holiness Pope John Paul II ...was well beyond our expectations"
    David Owen Tryba
  • "The level of craftsmanship shown is amazing. How you can produce something of such quality from a simple lump of wood is beyond me"
    David Shiress, Design Manager
    Taylor Made Joinery Interiors, Suffolk
  • "Your work looks incredible. A special thanks to you for making us look brilliant for choosing you for the project"
    David Wick
    Owner of O.B.Williams
  • "I was truly impressed by the outstanding quality of the firm’s work and by Ian Agrell's enthusiasm and professional commitment"
    F. Carey Howlett
    Hermitage Foundation
Design for a wood-carved cresting by Agrell Architectural Carving

Period Design Consultation

The Challenge

Renewed interest in historical decoration has meant more clients looking to recreate classical styles of ornamentation, whether a gothic mansion, an elaborate French paneled dining room or an English neoclassical bedroom. The challenge is to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship while keeping within budget.

A selection of mouldings carved by Agrell Architectural Carving
We can provide you and your clients a
selection of hand-carved samples.

For sophisticated projects to succeed, traditional handcraft trades have to understand and work alongside every other part of the project. Sadly, it is increasingly difficult to find designers and artisans with the experience and knowledge to meet these requirements and the capacity to handle them. A large project can quickly get out of control for an inexperienced craftsperson, no matter how good his or her skills are.

Our Solution

Our decades of experience in handling complex historical projects have taught us that tackling potential issues early in the design process will save you trouble, time and money. Working together, we will ensure your client's dream is realized. Whether you are in New York, Paris, London, Abu Dhabi or Shanghai, we can offer a comprehensive service—not only in architectural woodcarving but also in other decorative arts and trades through our network of colleagues.

Our period-style design consultation service provides:

•   Hands-on project management. We can monitor quality, costs and delivery throughout the construction and installation process.

•  Viable solutions for addressing costs without compromising quality

•  Resources that help provide ideas and options for your clients

•  Evaluation of artisans for skill, cost and deliverability, and assistance with meeting those goals

•  Detailed renderings to present to your clients and directly to the artisans

•  Ornamental carving samples that are historically and stylistically accurate


A hand-carved border featuring acanthus leaves and sausage-and-bead moulding
Above: A wood-carved border designed by Thomas Chippendale and hand-carved by Agrell Architectural Carving.