• "Your work looks incredible. A special thanks to you for making us look brilliant for choosing you for the project"
    David Wick
    Owner of O.B.Williams
  • "...the incredible effort you and your talented staff put forth in the chair for His Holiness Pope John Paul II ...was well beyond our expectations"
    David Owen Tryba
  • "The level of craftsmanship shown is amazing. How you can produce something of such quality from a simple lump of wood is beyond me"
    David Shiress, Design Manager
    Taylor Made Joinery Interiors, Suffolk
  • "I was truly impressed by the outstanding quality of the firm’s work and by Ian Agrell's enthusiasm and professional commitment"
    F. Carey Howlett
    Hermitage Foundation
Wood carved detail of church screen in oak - hand carved b Agrell Architectural

First Presbyterian Church

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First Presbyterian Church, Alton, Illinois

Built around 1850, the First Presbyterian Church in Alton, Illinois suffered a fire that badly damaged the original hand carved cross as well as other parts of the church. Luckily, the church still had the original drawings we could use to recreate the wood carved shades for the organ case and to build the huge cross, carved in oak, which is now suspended from the ceiling.

 "You are in a class by yourself. I am certain that we could not have stayed within the borders of the United States and found another firm able to produce such exquisite carving."

—Kenneth Dobson

First Presbyterian Church, Alton, Illinois